Address by the Commissioner to the Presidency at the Opening of the Exhibition “Re-Branded”

It is with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation to address the inauguration of this exhibition of the remarkable artist Anastasia Tzourou. This exhibition hosts probably one of the biggest collections of Anastasia or else Day-z and it is titled Re-Branded. The exhibition is sponsored by KPMG Cyprus.

As the Commissioner for Overseas Affairs, I personally feel obliged to attend such events, not only to support and encourage new artists in general with our presence, but also talented Cypriots of our Diaspora, like Anastasia. She has managed to shape her personal path through her talent, dedication and hard work, which enabled her to excel both in Cyprus and abroad. Day-z is a Greek Cypriot artist who was born and raised in London, where she has also completed her studies.

Focusing on various topics inspired by everyday life, Anastasia’s work is characterized with fine perception, artistic charm and a dominant cynical and critical mood. It reminds us that the influence of a creative mind is a catalyst for our society and civilization. Her work is influenced and combines techniques of outstanding artists such as M.O. Escher and Dali. The artist has achieved a harmonious co-existence of elements of classicism, realism, street art and features from the world of advertising.

Additionally, this type of art examines the impact of advertising and consumption mania on people. Her work aligns with the impact of ‘undermining’ as well as the hierarchy and culture of the logos, by bringing them back to a new context.

Art is the creative expression of people that is distinguished by a unique feature, that is, the stimulation of human senses to activate both mind and spirit. Day-z in her own works expresses her mental state, her feelings, her ideas, her fears as well as her concerns of the modern era; an era of technology, full of economic and socio-political challenges. The artist criticizes the data of this modern age and the speed that characterizes it, and she manages to convey clear messages with few materials, a simple pen and a pencil. The fine but characteristic overlay of famous people with a popular logo transmits her clever humor, while it comments on the concept of signs. Once more, the art works as a code.

I am sure that the current exhibition of Day-z will be an important stage in her artistic career. It is remarkable that the present work is exhibited in Cyprus, the place of origin of the artist.

I would like to congratulate KPMG, for the support and its initiative to give this unique opportunity to expatriates of our diaspora to become ambassadors of our culture and our country abroad through their talents and achievements.

With these few thoughts, I invite you to look at the collection and enjoy the artwork. I congratulate Anastasia and I wish her every success in her personal and professional life.

Source: Press and Information Office