Action needs to be undertaken urgently to increase women’s participation in public life, Cypriot MP says

Cypriot MP Annita Demetriou, has stressed the urgent need to speed up progress in order to ensure an increase in the number of women represented at parliament level in the next elections.

Demetriou, was addressing the Women Leaders Global Forum, in Reykjavik, where she represented the House of Representatives of Cyprus, as the Ambassador of the Women Political Leaders Network, a parliament press release says.

She delivered a statement on the part of the House of Representatives, in reply to a UN call to undertake actions to promote equality in the framework of the the legislative and monitoring work of parliaments.

“She underlined that women parliamentarians can become the power behind questioning and abolishing stereotypes and social prejudices based on gender, as well as on promoting positive women role model in politics,” the press release adds.

Demetriou stressed the urgency of accelerating progress, in order to ensure that the number of women in parliament in the next electios will increase.

“If we do not urgently undertake drastic actions which will bring positive outcome in the near future, the rate of progress in relation to womens representation in public and political life will remain slow,” she noted.

Source: Cyprus News Agency