A Conference About Cheques has been Organized at EMU Faculty of Law

The Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Law organized a conference titled “A Review About Cheques”. The conference took place on 5th of March 2020 at the EMU Faculty of Law. The conference which started at 14:30 was presented by speaker Ismet Üstüner. Ismet Üstüner is known for his experience and vested cases in relation to cheques at the United Kingdom and Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus. Üstüner obtains vast knowledge with relation to cheques due to his interest in law for the past 60 years, although he stated that he is an electrical engineer and his interest in cheques is just a hobby. Üstüner explained what cancelled cheques, conditional acceptances and overdue cheques are, and then continued to explain the changes made in the law between 2011-2013, and what these situations caused in relation to the disputes over cheques. Üstüner gave examples from his experience and cases which he had been involed in, comparing the laws of today and the past. At the end of the conference, EMU Faculty of Law Vice Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arzu Alibaba presented a thank you plaquet to Ismet Üstüner.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University