40 people tested for coronavirus

Some 40 people were clinically tested for the novel coronavirus over the weekend, including an army recruit, a detainee in police custody, and a group of Cyprus school students with results expected to be known on Monday.

A Cyprus Health Ministry source told the Financial Mirror that authorities had their hands full during the weekend, as they had to test a large number of people who have come into contact with a confirmed coronavirus case.

Apart from the cases involving a Greek Cypriot soldier and a detainee, “a group of students at a private school, flying back from Barcelona were asked to self-isolate after authorities were informed that a flight attendant on board their flight was confirmed to be positive with COVID-19”.

Meanwhile, another two people, one in Paphos and another in Nicosia are being tested after reporting symptoms of the virus. Both cases involve young recruits of the Cyprus army.

Earlier last week, it was announced by health authorities that some 400 people had been in self-isolation with another 5 in quarantine, after returning to Cyprus from a trip to an area with a COVID-19 outbreak.

The people who have self-isolated themselves at home were among 1343 checked by a medic at Cyprus airports after returning from an area or country which is on the high-risk list (northern Italy, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Iran and Singapore).

Source: The Financial Mirror