Daily Archives: January 11, 2021

Cyprus Police report 119 citizens for violations of COVID measures

Cyprus Police reported 119 citizens for violations of Covid measures in the last 24 hours, in a total of 10.092 checks.The majority of the reports were for violation of the new measures that came into effect as of Sunday morning.

The impact of lockdown to be evident in the third week, Karayiannis says

Cyprus entered a second lockdown on January 10 after having witnessed a surge in new Covid – 19 cases and an increased number of deaths. Replying to the question as to whether the second lockdown will have the same results

Cyprus trade deficit drops by €314 million in first eleven months of 2020, provisional data show

Cyprus' trade deficit recorded a drop of €314 million in the first eleven months of 2020 provisional data for November released by the Cyprus Statistical Service (CyStat) show.In particular, according to CyStat on the basis of provisional data, total i...

Cyprus most likely to receive first batch of Moderna vaccines on Tuesday night

Cyprus is most likely to receive the first batch of Moderna vaccines on Tuesday evening, a Health Ministry source has told the Cyprus News Agency. Moderna earlier today announced that the rollout has began to the EU and the ?uropean

EU labour market slack drops slightly to 13.9%, employment up, absences from work at pre-COVID levels

In the third quarter of 2020, 188.0 million persons in the EU were employed, the EU seasonally adjusted employment rate for people aged 20-64 stood at 72.4%, up by 0.3 pp from 72.1% in the second quarter 2020 and 14.8

Vehicle registration in Cyprus drops by 16.1% in 2020

The registration of vehicles in Cyprus recorded a drop of 16.1% in 2020, data released by the Cyprus Statistical Service (CyStat) on Monday, show.In particular according to the data, in December 2020, the total registrations of motor vehicles numbered ...