Daily Archives: January 5, 2021

Epidemiologists present to the President proposals for new measures to curb Covid-19 spread

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasides met on Tuesday with the Scientific Advisory Committee on coronavirus, in the presence of the Ministers of Health, Labour and Education, at the Presidential Palace.   During the meeting, the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Ministry

Covid-19 case fatality risk in Cyprus at 0.6%, National Surveillance Report shows

The Covid-19 case fatality risk in Cyprus was 0.6% on January 2, 2021, the National Surveillance Report released by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday shows.   According to the report, by January 2nd, 2021, a total of 23,560 COVID-19

Scientific Committee heads to Presidential Palace to discuss new measures to contain COVID-19

The scientific advisory committee on COVID-19 heads to the Presidential Palace at 1100 local time to discuss with President Nicos Anastasiades new measures to contain the spread of the virus.   The situation on the island is alarming as the

Cyprus announces on Tuesday one death and 569 new COVID-19 cases

Cyprus Health Ministry announced on Tuesday οne death from COVID-19 disease and 569 new cases. Moreover, it announced that 179 patients are being treated in hospitals and 50 of them are in serious condition.   The total deaths from the

New loans in Cyprus decrease to €263.3 in November

Total new loans recorded a decrease to €263.3 million in November 2020, compared with €281.4 million in the previous month, according to data released Tuesday by the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC). The developments include contracts which were renegotiated.  

Cyprus Stock Exchange

The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) All Share Index closed at today`s stock exchange meeting as follows:   MEETING DATE: 05/01/2021   INDICES BASE VALUES: FTSEMed=5000, OTHERS = 1000   EURO (€)   TRADED VALUE 83,746.35   INDEX   VALUE %DIFF.