Daily Archives: October 15, 2020

Police report 46 out of 1,008 checks for coronavirus measures violations

Cyprus police reported 46 people, 11 people in charge of establishments and 35 individuals out of 1,008 checks in the last 24 hours for violating measures in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.   A police press officer told CNA

104 new COVID-19 cases detected on Thursday, according to an update

A total of 104 cases of the new coronavirus were announced on Thursday in Cyprus.   According to an update from the Ministry of Health, which earlier announced 93 cases, the laboratories informed authorities that 11 more cases were detected.

CoR discusses Turkey’s illegal moves in Varosha

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) discussed this week the illegal opening of the fenced off sector of Varosha in Turkish occupied Cyprus.   According to a press release by the Union of Cyprus Municipalities, CoR President ApostolosTzitzikostas, referring

Cyprus Stock Exchange

The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) All Share Index closed at today`s stock exchange meeting as follows:   MEETING DATE: 15/10/2020   INDICES BASE VALUES: FTSEMed=5000, OTHERS = 1000   EURO (€)   TRADED VALUE 19,038.30   INDEX   VALUE %DIFF.

Greek PM Mitsotakis calls on the EU to uphold decisions already taken on Turkey

The Prime Minister of Greece, KyriakosMitsotakis called on the EU to remain consistent in the decisions it has already taken in relation to Turkey, so that if its provocative and aggressive behavior continues, this will bring consequences.   More specifically,

CBC Governor requests additional AML checks following new Al Jazeera revelations

ConstantinosHerodotou, Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) has instructed the CBC’s anti-money laundering unit to carry out additional checks in the Cypriot banking system following the new revelations by the Al Jazeera network.   In a written statement