Daily Archives: September 23, 2020

Cyprus authorities announce two new COVID-19 cases

Cyprus authorities announced on Wednesday morning two new COVID-19 cases.   A press release issued by the Health Ministry said that according to information received by the Microbiological Labs there have been two new COVID-19 cases, in addition to those

Police conducts 500 checks for COVID-19 violations, 8 citizens and 2 premises’ owners reported

The Cyprus Police conducted a total of 500 checks during the last 24 hours for COVID-19 violations.Two premises` owners and 8 citizens were reported, according to the Police.   In Nicosia the checks were 50 and 1 citizen was reported,

Dr Eastwood talks to the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation about humanity’s return to the moon

The Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO), is broadcasting today the second episode of the bi-weekly series of live webinars titled “Humanity`s return to the Moon–Moon Exploration and Settlement” in cooperation with the Space Lab of Imperial College London.   The

Additional measures to contain outbreak in Larnaca possible, Professor Kostrikis tells CNA

LeondiosKostrikis, Professor of Virology at the Department of Biological Sciences of the University of Cyprus and member of the epidemiological team of the Health Ministry, told CNA that additional measures to protect people from COVID-19 will be implemented in Larnaca,

New measures in Larnaka District due to increasing number of COVID cases

Cyprus Minister of Health issued on Wednesday a decree for the Larnaka District due to the increasing positive cases of COVID-19. The new measures announced will come into effect at 0600 hours local time on Thursday 24 of September and

Cyprus authorities announce on Wednesday 36 new cases of COVID-19 (1)

Thirty six new cases of COVID-19 were announced on Wednesday by Cyprus’ Ministry of Health out of 3,317 laboratory tests.   Since the outbreak of the pandemic the total number of coronavirus cases in Cyprus reaches 1,654.   Twelve patients