Daily Archives: August 10, 2020

COVID19: Cyprus cases back into double figures, 5 from Poland

Cyprus new COVID-19 cases went back into double-figures on Monday after 10 infections were reported most of them with a travel history including five Polish tourists.   Monday’s results saw Cyprus go back into double-digit cases after nine were confirmed

Police charge individuals and establishments for non-compliance with COVID-19 decrees

The Police carried out 3,473 inspections of premises in all districts over the past three days to ensure compliance with ministerial decrees aiming at restricting the spread of COVID-19.   During the inspections, the Police reported 117 individuals for not

Measures against COVID-19 spread must become a Modus Vivendi, Professor Kostrikis tells CNA

The additional measures decided and applied ten days ago by the government and the epidemiological team, in the framework of the actions taken to contain coronavirus spread, constitute a normality that must go on for the next six months, LeondiosKostrikis

Cyprus sends 20 tons of dry food to Lebanon, collection continues, Giannakis tells CNA

Twenty tons of dry food have been collected so far in Cyprus for the thousands of people of Lebanon, who suffer due to the blast that occured in Beirut last week.   The first cargoes will be transported to the

Cyprus mission returns home from Lebanon

A Cyprus team comprising members of the Disaster Response Special Unit and the Emergency Response Unit that had gone to Lebanon on Wednesday afternoon to contribute to the search and rescue efforts after the vast blast in Beirut returned on

Cyprus authorities announce ten new coronavirus cases on Monday

Cyprus’ Health Ministry announced on Monday ten new coronavirus cases in the government-controlled areas of the Republic, after completing 2,619 tests, bringing their total number to 1,252.   Six cases were detected after testing 1,655 samples of passengers and people