Daily Archives: June 26, 2020

Cyprus economic sentiment marginally up in June, after Covid19 crash

Economic sentiment in Cyprus improved in June, rising by 2.3 points from May to 75.2, following the post-COVID-19 fallout when from the February level of 111.0, the indicator crashed to 98.9 in March and 77.0 in April.   These were

COVID19: Cyprus endorses anti-viral drug for treatment

Doctors in Cyprus will soon be able to treat COVID-19 patients with the antiviral drug, remdesivir, after the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) endorsement put it on track to be the first therapy for the disease.   The Cyprus Health Ministry

COVID19: More Cyprus hotels to open doors

While Cyprus hoteliers are pushing the authorities to set a specific date for the resumption of flights from Britain and Russia, another 40 hotels plan to open over the weekend.   Less than 70 hotels, around 10%, had opened when

Murder in Larnaca could be gangland related

Police are investigating the possible gangland-related murder of a man shot on Thursday evening at his father’s home in the Larnaca village of Ormidhia.   The victim, named as Panayiotis Kallitsionis, was a 29-year-old private security guard and was shot

COVID19: Cyprus cases return to zero

Cyprus health authorities managed to report zero new coronavirus cases on Friday, after a run of single-digit daily infections.   It was the eleventh time since the COVID-19 outbreak in March that zero cases were reported but Cyprus has not

Attorney General steps down early in protest

Following the debacle over his retirement date, Attorney General Costas Clerides tendered his resignation on Friday in an act of protest over the way he was treated, citing pressure for him to go early.   Clerides tendered his resignation to