Daily Archives: June 2, 2020

Twenty four tones of medical supplies and laptops arrive from China to Cyprus

Twenty four tones of medical supplies and consumables to combat COVID-19 as well as a number of laptops for the Education Ministry arrived on Sunday evening to Cyprus from China with a chartered flight of the Transport Ministry.   Transport

Refugees and asylum seekers in Cyprus talk about xenophobia, COVID-19 challenges and integration issues

The problems that refugees and asylum seekers face, such as xenophobia, the hard times they went through during the COVID-19 pandemic and their efforts to integrate in the Cypriot society were raised during a web-press conference on Tuesday on the

HRVP Borrell calls on Turkey to respect the sovereignty of Cyprus and Greece on their territorial waters

ΕU High Representative on Foreign Policy JosepBorrell called today on Turkey to respect the sovereignty of Cyprus and Greece on their territorial waters. Borrell was invited to comment on recent announcement by Turkey regarding the exploration activities near Crete and

President discusses with experts phasing out measures earlier than planned, decisions expected on Wednesday

Experts discussed the possibility of relaxing some of the measures introduced to contain the spread of COVID-19 sooner than anticipated, during a meeting on Tuesday with competent Ministers, under the President of Cyprus. Final decisions are expected to be announced

Cyprus Sports Organisation President tells EU teleconference of key steps to reduce pandemic’s impact

Cyprus Sports Organisation President, Andreas Michaelides, took part in a teleconference of EU Sports Ministers, on Tuesday and spoke, among other things, of the key steps which need to be taken in order to reduce the pandemic`s negative impact, restore

Three new cases of COVID-19 detected from testing, Health Ministry announces

Three new cases of coronavirus were detected in Cyprus by the authorities from a total of 1,473 tests. In a statement, the Health Ministry said the total number of cases on the island rose to 952.   One case a