Daily Archives: May 6, 2020

COVID19: Stelios charity offers €100,000 in food vouchers to nurses

Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, the charity organisation established by easyJet founder Stelios HadjiIoannou, is offering €100,000 worth of supermarket vouchers to Cyprus frontline hospital nurses tackling COVID-19 as a show of appreciation. The €10 vouchers, available in stubs of 10, will

COVID19: Cyprus boasts record number of tests

Cyprus is containing the spread of coronavirus in the community by ramping up a record number of COVID-19 tests, official data shows. The Health Ministry boasts that it has carried out a large number of tests compared to other countries

Brother held in custody after sister shot dead

A 23-year-old man was held in police custody for eight days by a Larnaca district court on Wednesday on suspicion of manslaughter after his sister, 21, was shot and killed with an army rifle. The Greek Cypriot claimed he shot

COVID19: Cyprus shortage of face masks

Cyprus pharmacies have little to no supply of surgical masks amid calls by health experts for the public to wear them as a COVID-19 self-protection measure post-lockdown. President of the Pharmacists Association Eleni Piera told the Cyprus News Agency on

COVID19: Students hesitant as schools to reopen on 21 May

All Cyprus schools will reopen on 21 May with the school year extended until June 26, but students are worried about a lack of COVID-19 safety precautions in class. Following Wednesday’s cabinet meeting, Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou said that all

COVID19: Cyprus has five more cases, total 883

Cyprus reported another five cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday from 2,062 tests that were carried out, taking the total since the outbreak to 883 (including 10 in the British Bases). Two cases were identified from 97 tests carried out on