Daily Archives: May 4, 2020

COVID19: Cypriots allowed more freedom as curfew stays

As Cyprus eases lockdown restrictions introduced to stem the spread of coronavirus 50 days ago, citizens are now able to leave their homes three times a day instead of once. As businesses and retail stores reopened Monday, people are returning

COVID19: Turkish Cypriots ease lockdown after zero cases

Turkish Cypriot authorities have started relaxing coronavirus lockdown measures in the Turkish occupied north of Cyprus after recording zero cases for more than two weeks. Public sector workers and employees at retail shops have returned to work. With no cases

COVID19: Cyprus expects to repatriate 3,000 people in May

A total of 3,000 Cypriots are expected to be repatriated this month with an average of 200-300 people being flown back to Cyprus daily, said Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos,. He told CNA, that since the decree banning commercial flights on

COVID19: Cyprus optimistic people will observe the rules

Following strict lockdown measures, the Cyprus government is optimistic citizens will show the same level of maturity as restrictions are lifted, said director of the President’s Office, Petros Demetriou. President Nicos Anastasiades, Justice Minister  George Savvides and Police Chief Kypros

COVID19: Police deploy more officers post-lockdown

Cyprus police mobilized on Monday to deal with the first phase of easing the coronavirus lockdown by increasing the number of checks to ensure social distancing and stay home rules are kept. Police spokesman Christos Andreou said that the force

COVID-19: Caregiver youngest Cypriot to die in UK

A campaign has been launched to raise funds for the family of a 26-year-old Turkish Cypriot nurse who is the youngest UK Cypriot to lose their life to COVID-19. According to London-based Greek Cypriot newspaper Parikiaki, Sonya Kaygan, who worked