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UNFICYP is continuing its operations at this time; our peacekeepers maintain their patrols in the buffer zone and remain engaged with both sides.    The mission has stepped up measures to protect our peacekeepers, ensure continuity of UN operations in

COVID19: Cyprus Republic cases rise to 84

With nine new cases reported on Saturday the Cyprus Republic now has a total of 84 coronavirus cases, the Health Ministry said. According to the update received by the Cyprus Ministry of Health, three of the new cases of coronavirus

Close the door to coronavirus

It’s hard to fathom the complete abnormality of what Cyprus with the rest of the world is going through as the novel coronavirus sinks its teeth into our way of life – killing it in more ways than one. The

COVID19: Nearly 800 quarantined as Cyprus flight ban enforced

Some 779 people who returned to Cyprus from abroad since March 16 have been quarantined in seven hotels across the island, the Ministry of Health has said. It has established a coordination centre through which all necessary steps are taken

COVID-19: ‘Things will get worse’

Cyprus should brace itself for the spread of COVID-19 as the outbreak will get much worse before it gets better, experts predict. The spread of the novel coronavirus is expected to reach its peak over the coming two weeks, says