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CYPRUS: Nicosia wants EU to relocate a ‘significant number’ of migrants

Cypriot Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides will send a request to Brussels asking for a significant number of individuals granted protection in Cyprus be relocated to other EU countries.

He said there was an uncontrollable inflow of migrants from the Turkish-held …

MARKETS: Heading from trade war to currency war?

Investors in Asia woke up to a sea of red in equity and currency markets on Monday. Japan and South Korea’s stock indices fell more than 2%, while Hong Kong’s equities faced an even steeper fall of more than 3%

CYPRUS: British bases police promotes first female chief inspector

British Sovereign Base Area Police in Cyprus have confirmed the promotion of Chief Inspector Maria Atalioti which has seen her become the first female officer to achieve the rank.

Cypriot Atalioti, who joined the force in 1998, only seven years …

Interior Minister to send a letter to EU asking for relocation for a number of individuals granted protection status

Cyprus’ Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides said on Sunday that next week he will send an official letter to his counterparts in the European Union and to the European Commission asking that a significant number of individuals granted protection in Cyprus