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لوحة سلفاتور مندي لدافينشي ستعرض قريباً في اللوفر أبوظبي

أبوظبي، 7 ديسمبر: أعلن متحف اللوفر أبوظبي أن لوحة “سلفاتور مندي”، منقذ العالم، ليوناردودافنشي، وهي من أعظم الأعمال الفنية التي تمت إعادة اكتشافها في القرن الأخير،و الجدير بالذكر آن اقتنيت اللوحة من دائرة الثقافة ، السياحة – أبوظبي ستكون هذه

Security Council Outlines Modes of Support, Reimbursement for Joint Anti-Terrorism Force in Sahel, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2391 (2017)

Mali's Permanent Representative Expresses Regret over Lack of Chapter VII Mandate

The Security Council today welcomed the steady and rapid progress achieved in making the joint force of the Group of Five Sahel States (G5 Sahel) functional, including through fulfilment of


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia has repatriated around 10,000 undocumented citizens residing in Saudi Arabia between Nov 15 and Dec 5, an Ethiopian official said on Friday.Speaking to Journalists, Meles Alem, spokesperson for the Ethiopia Ministry of Foreign Aff...

Forum Builds Network to Fight Worldwide Corruption

WASHINGTON Despite ongoing efforts to curb corruption, billions of dollars continue to flow illicitly from countries around the world. That's led to a range of multinational efforts to stem corruption and repatriate stolen funds, including a new U.S. State

Discovery of Two Tombs Dating Back 3,500 Years Announced in Egypt

Egypt authorities announced Saturday that archaeologists had discovered two small ancient tombs in Luxor, a southern city.The tombs date back about 3,500 years and are located on the west bank of the river Nile."It's truly an exceptional day. The