10 newborns out of 1,000 are diagnosed with congenital heart disease, Minister says

It is estimated that ten babies out of 1,000 born in Cyprus are diagnosed with a form of congenital heart disease, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said on Tuesday.

Ioannou, who was speaking during a press conference to mark Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week, said that the majority of incidents are not serious and are treated by cardiologists.

He added that 10% of incidents need to undergo surgery.

In recent years, the Health Minister noted, the ministry has signed agreements for the purchase of services by a team of experienced and specialised surgeons, in order to reduce the cost and the suffering of patients and their families.

As a result, he added, the majority of incidents are treated locally with an approximate cost of 12 to 15 thousand euros per patient.

In the last six years about 150 cardiac catheterisations have taken place in Cyprus with excellent outcomes, Ioannou noted.

Source: Cyprus News Agency